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photo Dennisbike

name: lisa vible>
nickname(s): cruella, lisalisa,vicious vible
catagory: X=cat 1, road=cat 2, mtb=expert, t rack=cat 3
food: dark chocolat covered almonds
first bike: bianchi
Last album: ?
honors: honored to race for C3. :)

name: Diane Vettori
nick name: monkey
category: cat 4 cross; mtb sport; track ?
honors: great teams, and fun racing...
first bike: rock hopper...
favorite food: gobstoppers (although I like all candy)
last album: jack johnson - sleep through the static
favorite website: various blogs
1st photo denisbike
2nd photo mlk

1>Weston Schempf
1a>Wes T. Conqueror, Zayne Braun, Quadzilla
2>Cat1-Cross, Semi Pro-MTB, Cat5-Road/Track
3>Being part of the teams that I'm on.
National Champion- Semi Pro Short Track
3rd Masters (30-34) US Cyclocross Nationals-2007
Former "B Amature" National Champion in Cyclocross
4>some hand-me-down, heavy ass, steel, yellow, BMX cruiser with coaster brake, with 24" yellow Mag wheels and snake belly tires. Yeah, I took it off some sweet jumps.
5>Indian and Haribo Gummy Bears
6>MGMT-Oracular Spectacular
7>,, it has everything you will ever need.

1. Chris Nystrom

1a. Sven

2. CX Cat 2, Elite Masters for 2008

3. 2 wins in B-Masters in 2007: Ed Sander Memorial CX and Race Pace CX

4. Schwinn Mag Scrambler

5. Mexican

6. Robert Plant & Allison Kraus - "Raising Sand"

1. name - Scott Olson1a. nick names - the old guy

2. category you race - Men' 50++++

3. honors - at my age it's an honor just to have a pulse

4. first bike - Peugeot ; two sizes too small, loved it; used it to ride across Los Angeles.

5. favorite food - Mediterrean; Japanese

6. last album you bought (I-tunes counts) - Norah Jones, Casals, cello solos; Diana Krall7. favorite websites/blog: - C3 cause I get a lot of insight into my team mate's obsessions and desires.

name: Sam O'Keefe
nickname: Samthehammer
catagory: cross'- B, mtn-Sport
food: Sushi
first bike: im not sure--maybe Trek Jet??
Last album: Stadium Arcadium
favorite site: velonews
1st MABRA series 08- u18
4th @ cx nationals 08
other things in the MAC
maryland state champion 07-08

name:Peter Kennedy

nickname: Mr. Salty, Peterman

category: Road Cat3, Cross B, MTB sport

food: mexicanfirst bike: huffy

Last album: Go the very best of Moby

favorite site:

honors: workin on it

name: Norman Brach

nickname: Numerous, I will give you my Mohican name - Little Big Ring

catagory: Animalia - Chordata - Vertebrata - Mammalia - Primates -> Hominidae - Homo - sapiens

food: Nutella, granola, lentils and barley

first bike: green

Last album: The Reminder by Feist

favorite site: IFaticus and BeerFritesWaffles aside I heart>

honors: Procrastinator Extraordinaire, Crossword Maven and> Trustworthy,> Loyal, Helpful, Friendly....

both pict dennis smith

name: marc vettori

nickname: faticus, fatmarc

category: cat 2 cross

food: pizza and burritos

bike: huffy stu thompson

last album: lost of minor threat mp3s...

favorite website: I hate the internet. name: Kathleen Wulfkuhle

nickname: Bad Kat

catagory: Four!

food: beans, rice, and spicefirst

bike: A Hot Pink Number with Clouds and Rainbows

Last album: Jimmy Eat World, Big Casinofavorite site:

honors: six years smoke free

1. name: Ethan Townsend

1a. nick names: E-town

2. category you race: Cat 3 road, Expert Mtn, Cat 1 Cross

3. honors: 5th place US Cyclocross Nationals 2,3 Men

4.first bike: De Rosa Primato Road Bike (first real racing bike)

5. favorite food: Creme Brulee

6. last album you bought (I-tunes counts): Chick Corea

7. favorite websites/blog:

name: Jeff Cordisco

nickname: disco

category: 3, masters

food: sesame crusted seared tuna (rare) and belgium beer

first bike: 1967 Schwinn Speedster 20" (black of course!)

Last album: Johnny Cash 16 Biggest Hits>

favorite site: and, other favorite things include> rainbows, hearts and stars

honors: My wife, 3 children,

2007 PA 45+ Cyclo-cross State Champion and >

2007 PA 45+ 3k Individual Pursuit State Champion

Name: Diane Grim (Castor)
Nickname: Di Diesel
Category: Cat 2 Road and Cyclocross
Food: Steak and Vietnamese
First Bike: 8 sp Pinerella
Last Album: something Country !
Favorite Site: AOL Weather and Bike Reg !
Honors ??? Not sure what your looking for ? Results or honors ? SOmething like this ??
2007 Carl Dolan 1st
Tour de Ephrata 3rd GC
US TT Challenge 40 K 1st Female
Road Nationals 45-49 Time Trial Silver
Road Nationals 45-49 Best all Around Rider Bronze
Granogue Cross 45+ Womens 1st
Wissahickon Cross 45+ Womens 1st
Verge MAC Series 35+ Overall Womens 3rd
Verge MAC Series Elite Women Overall 10th

photo mlk
1. name – Beth Mason1a. nick names – “The Major” (I guess when I get promoted it will be “the Lieutenant Colonel” – that will suck – good thing it is still 2 years away! Although the increase in pay will be nice….)

2. category you race – Road/Cross category 1

3. honors

4. first bike – Fuji Roubaix – I had this for 1 week before I traded up to a Colnago Technos

5. favorite food - Pasta

6. last album you bought (I-tunes counts) – Blue October “Foiled”

1. Austin Frey

2. nickname: "ditch" or "the rusty spoon"

3. category: road: Cat 2; any other discipline: noob4.

Honors: 7th and 8th grade geography bee champion

5. first bike: trek 22006. fave food: sushi and ice cream

7. last album: "because of the times" by the kings of leon

8. fave website: got me through college

1.NAME > Kristopher Auer

1a. Nickname > Keis Aver, World Record Auer

2. Category > Cat 1 Cross, Cat 2 Road, Off Road (has been).

3. Honors > Let's see there was Honors Bio, Honors Chem, American Studies, Honors English. Sports related Cheshire County Athlete of the Year 1996. I was also knighted in Portugal.

4. First Bike > Pearl White Shogun 600. followed by a hot pink team fuji.

5. Favorite Food > Hot Chocolate

6. Last Album > Morrissey Live at Earl's Court

7. favorite website >

1. name......Andrew Wulfkuhle

1a. nick names......Bad Andy

2. category you race..... Cat. 2 road...Cat. 1 CX....Expert MTB

3. honors.......N/A

4. first bike......A red Murry 5-speed.

5. favorite food....I..ce Cream

6. last album you bought (I-tunes counts).......Rivers Como, Home Recordings

7. favorite websites/blog:

(no picture)
Miles Smith


cross B, XC Expert


DNYO blastCitcizen

CopeN/ACharm City Cross race 2006. First cross race, firtwin!

(no photo)
name Bernie

nick namesBernie/Bonking Bernie

category you raceman you ask tough questionscross - slow; road - super-slow; mtb - super-super-slow

honors: patrol leader in boy scouts; captain of Dublin University Olympic handball team

first bike: raleigh tomahawkgave me my worst ever cycling injury [collarbones included] at 6 years old

favorite foodanything Indian, especially vindaloo

last album you bought (I-tunes counts)can't really remember but probably should have been michael bolton-greatest hits (??); and the shins- wincing the night awaythere might have been a Shakira incident too but I was too drunk to remember

favorite websites/blog:bikes etc.- fatmarc.comlight entertainment - - and analysis -

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